invaders must die.

claims that i am the one.

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a twenty-three year old female from a ghost town in massachusetts, usa and living a spankin' new ghost town. formerly rhian. often called ana; sometimes jet, rhian or lene by others. she's single and bisexual, and not really looking for a relationship. pierced, tattooed and living a rather nomadic life. loves music, gaming, photography, horror/gore films and crime shows. has a secret passion for zombies and a love for cooking.                      ( scrapbook / flashback / .com / .net / .me )

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icons/graphics; suncaught, orbicularis
music share; flamesfell
css layouts; milkgloves
other; afinefrenzyfans, ontd-comicbooks, audiological, kpopcaps

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ladies feelin' naughty.

hey dj, play my song.

the hit play meme

✠ post your username/name in a comment
✠ post the pimp code on your journal to drag you friends into this
✠ embed a youtube video or whatever you prefer for the songs you choose for your friend
✠ include a download link if you would like to
✠ have fun and no wank please, this is not a meme for it

pimp code
ladies feelin' naughty.

look at me, i've lost it.

friendscut »
i hate doing these and i've never actually done it myself, always just reverse cuts. but yeah, i did a small cut. mostly journals that haven't been posted in forever and has no hiatus note or indication they are still on here, and i haven't spoken to those people in said time. i also cut people i lost touch with, never hit it off with or i just don't read/comment them.

i hope you all have a wonderful life and i pray there are no hard feelings.
ladies feelin' naughty.

you better believe it.

pretty/hot people spam!
this one won out tonight, but next sunday shall be a comic book
spam post! feel free to post gifs, videos and pictures of people YOU think are attractive
invite your friends, but no hating on others' opinions.

( comment pages and anon are off )
ladies feelin' naughty.

just a tasty man.

robert downey jr spam
i did a successful one of these a week ago. feel free to post videos, pics,
quotes, music, gifs and more. also feel free to invite friends, it's

iron man, sherlock and any of his films are welcome spam-wise, of course.

custom comment pages are off.
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